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The Haplogroup O2(P31) or O2-P31 Y-DNA among the Natives of Kelawat Kota Belud Sabah East Malaysia - North Borneo. - Kadazan Dusun Murut DNA

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This male natives that carries the Haplogroup O2(P31) Y-DNA.
Then passes this Haplogroup O2(P31) his son and this grand children.
Passes this Haplogroup O2(P31) all his sons and grand childrens.
 All these males natives carries this Haplogroup O2(P31) Y-DNA inherited from their great... ....great grand parent.

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In 2011 the Genographic Project Test Kit  was sent back to National Geographic. The STR result was this :- DYS393: 15  DYS439: 12  DYS388: 12  DYS385a: 16  DYS19: 15 DYS389-1: 13  DYS390: 25  DYS385b: 20 DYS391: 11  DYS389-2: NaN  DYS426: 11  DYS392: 13

Genealogy DNA Project said that this  Haplogroup is O2(P31).

The sample was from the tribes of Kadazan Dusun Murut from Kelawat Kota Belud Sabah East Malaysia.

National Geographic said that haplogroup O2 carry the following Y-chromosome markers: M168 > P143 > M89 > L15> M9 > M214 > M175 > P31.

It is not known when this people that carries O2(P31) arrived in North Borneo Sabah East Malaysia. Anyway National Geographic said this:-  

Place of Origin: East Asia 
Climate: Ice Age
Estimated Number of Homo sapiens: Approximately 100,000
Tools and Skills: Middle Upper Paleolithic
Roughly 30,000 years ago, one of your ancestors first displayed the genetic marker P31, which now defines your haplogroup O2. This man lived in eastern Asia, perhaps in southern China, and his descendents spread south into Southeast Asia, east to Korea, and north to Japan. 
This distinctly Asian haplogroup he sired is most common today in Southeast Asian nations like Malaysia and Thailand. - National Geographic
Indigenous Y-DNA search at Genebase on April 2012.Click for larger picture - Source: Genebase

Funny things, currently if this result is run for matching search at Genebase that has 13,227,409 ancestors, matches more to Indian in the UK.

Indian, United Kingdom - RMI: 51.2
Spain - RMI: 43.27
Mang population, China - RMI: 31.22
Amazon Region, Brazil (Belem) - RMI: 25.91
Malay (Malaysia) - RMI: 23
Singapore Chinese - RMI: 22.18
Chinese Naxi (Yunnan Province) - RMI: 14.11
Singapore Malay - RMI: 11.52
Chinese, Hong Kong - RMI: 6.38
Chinese Yi (Yunnan Province) - RMI: 5.38
Chinese Han (Northeastern China) - RMI: 4.9
Northern Karelia, Finland - RMI: 4.77
Bangladesh - RMI: 4.65
Southern Indian - RMI: 4.41
Singapore Chinese - RMI: 3.95
Pyrenees, Spain, Alt Urgell (Lerida) - RMI: 3.93
Brescia (Northern Italy) - RMI: 3.84

Indigenous Y-DNA search at Genebase on April 2012. - Source: Genebase

Y-DNA Haplogroup O2* in China
A research paper titled - Male Demography in East Asia: A North–South Contrast in Human Population Expansion Times, published in 2006 shows data of  Y-DNA Haplogroup O2* in China.

([Population (People)- Total O2*/Total Sample.]
Daur -1/39
Hezhe 1/45
Hui 1/35
Manchu 3/35
Inner Mongolian (China) 1/45
Oroqen 2/31
Han (Harbin)/Heilongjiang 3/35
Han (Yili)/Xinjiang 3/32
Korean (China) 1/25
Li 1/34
Qiang 1/33
Yao (Bama) 13/35 southwest of China
Han (Chengdu)/Sichuan 1/34
Han (Meixian)/Guangdong 5/35
Korean (Korea) 1/43
Outer Mongolian (People Republic Mongolia) 1/65

Ewenki 0/26
Uygur(Urumqi) 0/31
Uygur(Yili) 0/39
Xibe 0/41
Buyi 0/35
Hani 0/34
She 0/34
Tibetans 0/35
Yao (Liannan) 0/35
Han (Lanzhou)/Gansu 0/30
Japanese 0/47

Sources from Male Demography in East Asia: A North–South Contrast in Human Population Expansion Times

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  1. Hai semuanya, perkenalkan nama saya Adrian Purnomo. Saya tinggal di Pulau Jawa - Jawa Timur - Surabaya. Saya juga menguji DNA saya lewat Genographic Project dengan hasil: Kromosom Y Hg O-CTS5492 / O3-M134 dan DNA Mitokondria Hg B4c2. Saya mempunyai leluhur Orang Cina Selatan Fujian dan Austronesia di Kamboja / Laos.